by The Quality Of Mercury

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Jess This sets an extremely high standard for all future space rock records. An exemplary piece of art considering it was (mostly) done by one guy. That's fact, not opinion. Favorite track: Breathe In Stereo.
Neil Yeager
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Neil Yeager this shit jams. Favorite track: Her Eyes Are The Stars.
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An epic sci-fi space rock journey with big, flourishing orchestrations of synths and ringing, distorted guitars kicking out lush, lo-fi melodies with sweeping, uplifting hooks; reverb-oozing vocals; unusual rhythms and beats, crashing cymbals and regular chord changes; a cornucopia of sound effects, periods of drifting in outer space daydreaming; introspective, intelligent lyrics. - Indie Rock Cafe


released May 12, 2016

Written, performed, recorded and mixed by Jeremiah Rouse.
Drums performed and recorded by Kevin Soffera at Hybrid Studios.
Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music.



all rights reserved


The Quality Of Mercury Easton, Pennsylvania

"...a blend of space-rock & pure-indie melody, heavy low-end punch, stunning rhythms & grooves that spiral together to form inspiring, textured-moods and stunning songs that have massive crossover appeal."

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Track Name: Deep Space
Out here
the time goes slow.
A lonely heart
makes the conscience grow.
are my only friends.
How I’m longing
for your touch again.

I am tired.

is my only goal.
I must reach her
to save my soul.
Lay back.
Time to sleep comes soon.
It’s been light years
since we left that moon.

I’m not tired.
Track Name: Breathe In Stereo
Beaming from her sound devices
She’s set to go, she’s set to go.
An intermittent wave suffices
On the radio, on the radio.

Cloaking the energy
Secrets she sends to me
I listen faithfully
Still can’t hear a sound.

Can’t decipher loud advances
It’s safe to say, it’s safe to say
I’ve fallen victim to her glances
In every way, in every way.

Patterns of synergy
Transmitting near to me
I’m waiting patiently
Still can’t read her now.

So proud
She’s broadcasting signals through space now
They’re coming in slow tempo.
To loud
All I’m receiving is snow while
I’m tuning this radio.
Decoding the sequence reveals why
She’s counting down to zero
In time
Our echoes will sync to the same rhyme
And we’ll breathe in the stereo waves.

I’ve dialed the frequency
Coded in secrecy
Soon she’ll be reaching me
Landing on the ground.

Track Name: Deprivation Sickness
I’m surrounded
by infinity.
But I’m choking
From all the silence.

I’m surrounded
by tranquility.
But I’m choking
down all this silence.

Damn this silence.
Track Name: The Orion Ascension
I tap the gauges,
confirm all systems go.
The rockets beneath me
have started to glow.
Advancing the thruster
shakes the earth down below.
A solemn fairwell
to mission control.

My mission, chase an angel down.

Adjusting the heading
I get to the chase.
The thought of you with me
starts my heart to race.
The locator beacon
is transmitting at pace
And now I’m destined
for hyperspace.

My mission, chase an angel down.

And I’m blasting through the sky.

My search for you goes past the sun into the stars of Orion’s belt,
Remember days so long ago when you and I shared how we felt.
Your electric smile and eyes of green have been engraved to my memory. I search for you. I long for you. I’ve come for you.
Track Name: Her Eyes Are The Stars
Lights down, I lay back
onto the floor.
Just like I’ve done,
so many times before.
Deep gaze, I stare
off into the sky.
I’ve held my breath,
since we said our last goodbye.

She stole the stars
in the fading moon light.
While I held her close,
on this falling satellite.
We cast our hearts
out into the sun.
Our souls embraced,
and melted into one.

It was a wonderful day.
But now you’re so far away.

And since that day I’m not the same.

Deep space
I press my hand to the glass.
I can feel the pulse,
of a memory past.
These iridium flares,
are burning my eyes.
Epic solitude
on the brink of my demise.

And now you’re so far away.
And I have so much to say.

To shine that bright you must be brave.

If I had asked would you have stayed?

I’m a mess, I’m a mess.
I’ve really fallen for you.
I’m a wreck, when I sleep
I’m always dreaming of you.
I’m a mess, every night
I swear I feel you watching.
Your gaze it shines down upon me.

Her eyes are the stars,
they’re blinking at me.

Her eyes are the stars,
an elegant plea.

Her eyes are the stars,
so honest and true.

Her eyes are the stars,
a window into.

I’ve received the message
but it’s to far to reach you.
Perhaps if we had more time
we could learn how to make this connection
but I can’t seem to find a much better way.

Her eyes are the stars,
revealed in the black.

Her eyes are the stars,
there’s no holding back.

Her eyes are the stars,
their beauty sublime.

Her eyes are the stars,
so constant in time.
Track Name: Andromeda
Drifting and fading away
I count the days go by.
Swallowing memory pills
by the fistful.
Remembering what you last said
I promised to come back.
We slept in Andromeda’s bed
sleeping so peaceful.

Listening for signs of life
through these instruments.
They can barely whisper a sound.
Are they broken?
Silence is now so routine,
part of my protocol.
Emotions been programed away
never spoken.

Floating here helpless
I’m drowning in negative space.
Fearing our union
could be many light years away.
The deeper I travel
the more I’m attracted to you.
It’s a futile resistance
your gravity I can’t escape.

I study a photo of you
under a microscope.
Tracing the lines of your face
keeps me sane.
Sequencing future events,
suffer the consequence.
Visions of moments with you,
echoes in my brain.


Lonely is drifting in space.
Lonely I’m drifting.

Lonely is drifting in space.
Lonely we’re drifting, now.
Track Name: Terminal Velocity
Still falling from my gravity
and fading out into the distance
These days she’s only coming through in waves.
You can’t stop a runaway,
You can’t stop a runaway,
You can’t stop a runaway from breaking free.
I’ve tried to change her ways,
I’ve tried to change her ways,
I’ve tried to change her ways, but she’s not stopping.

She wants to travel
faster and faster.
Cruising along at the speed of light.
She’s moving fast,
only she’s a disaster.
Losing control and drifting out of sight.

I hear her call out to me.
A whisper within a breeze.
I try to fight back
but she melts into my dreams.
Can’t stop a lonely heart,
Can’t stop this lonely heart.
I can’t stop this lonely heart from breaking, from breaking.


She wants to travel faster and faster.

She can’t see
That she’s all I’ve got.